The 4 Pillars Of List Profit!

It’s your list! …Meaning it’s your choice on what messages you send to your list. But I’ve got some key recommendations that make all the difference between making next to nothing, and making 4 figures with a single email (with a good sized, responsive list of contacts).

A couple basic principles that you never want to forget are as follows:

1. Be yourself! Inject personality into your emails. Let people get to know you! If you’re interesting, then be interesting. If you’re funny, then be funny! If you’re just plain goofy, then let it show! Don’t be robotic. Be human! You aren’t starting a corporation. Your goal is to build a relationship with subscribers. The better the relationship, the more profitable the list.

2. Treat your subscribers as you’d want to be treated as your own subscriber… The Golden (List) Rule! When it comes to email marketing, what this largely means is that you don’t want to bombard people with nothing but “solo ads” (where your email message contains nothing but an ad)… It takes 10 minutes to search Google, or the (a popular Internet marketing form), to find a good Internet marketing tip that you can share with your subscribers. Easy! And you can learn this way as well.

What I recommend doing is sending out the gift (no more than one product at a time), along with a brief affiliate ad in the P.S.

…How easy is that? Simple.  Just grab the link from the “secret source”, introduced it to subscribers, and then included a little ad in the P.S. You can include “P.S. ads” in virtually anything and everything you send out (aside from a solo ad). Whether you’re sending an article, a free download, whatever the case may be. If and when you need more free gifts for your subscribers, simply Google “master reprint rights” or “private label rights.” When you come upon a resource that looks promising, ask the site owner if you can use their downlink links to send to your email subscribers (to make things easy).

3. Be etertaining. You might worry a bit that you can’t be entertaining, but nonsense! The key to being entertaining is simply to make sure you’re doing the aforementioned points. Be yourself (in a positive way), and treat your subscribers like you’d want to be treated. When you’re consistent in doing both, entertainment is the sure result! And never give up if you (still) don’t think you’re entertaining enough. Even a boring list can make money.

4. Be trustworthy and reliable. This point goes back to #2. Obviously you wouldn’t send poor quality products to yourself. So when recommending products, recommend quality over hype. The has a product review section that is somewhat helpful, though you have to pick out the “haters” from those who’ve actually purchased and used a product in order to give it a fair review.

…So there you have it! If you follow these 4 guidelines, you’re sure to have contacts that love receiving your emails and love BUYING from you. Just realize that this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency rather than impatience. But it’s well worth it. As you keep following these principles, you’ll make more and more money the bigger your list gets. It’s purely a numbers game when you do things the way I recommend above. And you don’t need to be a perfect “grade A” student here either.

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