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5 Figure Day – Can you really make money while building a massive list? 5 Figure Day by Bryan Winters is a brand new online list and commission building system. Its sole purpose is helping you build a massive list, while earning commission on auto pilot.

The membership for 5FigureDay is FREE for life!. You will generate endless viral leads over and over with no limits!. Upgraded memberships are available if you choose.

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5 figure day

What exactly is 5 Figure Day

5 Figure Day is not one of those typical products with some useless video training on how to build a list. It works by offering a free quality website, where everything is hosted for you. Your free website allows you to build your list, as it also offers others a free website – standard stuff really. However, the best part about the system is the unique double squeeze page funnel.

How does the 5 Figure Day list building system work

When you become a 5 Figure Day paid member, you will have access to 2 websites. The first website called the “Unleashed Website 1.0” allows you to offer other people a free website in return for their opt-in. As a free member they too will have access to the exact same unleashed website which they can now use to build their list.

Magic behind “Unleashed Website 2.0”

Now, this is where the magic happens. When they promote their free 5 Figure Day website to build their list, their leads will need to opt in twice in order to receive their free website. This means that their lead would be placed into 2 subscriber lists – Your free member, who was promoting 5 Figure Day and yourself. You can think of this as network marketing for list building. So, now when your members promote their website by offering others a free website, you will also be building your list. This is the beauty of this double opt in system and the secret behind 5 Figure Day’s “Auto Pilot List Building”. So, imagine you were able to offer 100 free websites. That means that as long as these members are able to get 1 opt in from their personal website, you will have an instant 100 subscriptions added to your list. Now you can start promoting anything you like!

Benefit of “Reloaded Website 2.0”

The second website is called the “Reloaded website”. This website is a unique custom capture page built by 5 Figure Day. Because of the uniqueness, leads are more likely to enter in their email address to find out what the product is about. Once they opt in, not only will they be added to your list, they will also be re-directed to a Clickbank offer with your affiliate Clickbank ID embedded. These products are carefully selected taking into consideration the conversion rate, refund rate and popularity. This is to make sure you earn the most commission possible. A brand new Reloaded Website will be released every month allowing members to continue building their list, while earning commission on the back-end.

My Opinion:

5 Figure Day is designed to make sure members are able to build a giant list on auto pilot, while earning commission. If you have been struggling to build a list, or struggling to make money online. Tap into 5 Figure Day’s list building system now be one become one of the first few members.

The membership for 5FigureDay is FREE for life!. You will generate endless viral leads over and over with no limits!. Upgraded memberships are available if you choose. So after referring just 10 members through your affiliate link (found at the top of the page), you’re making up to $485+ per month less merchant processing fees (automatically deducted)…

This is a system you can BUILD and keep BUILDING into a potential full time income. Of course, that’s just as an affiliate… The 5FigureDay membership offers the potential for the kind of money you see in the screenshot above (along with huge email list building potential and lots more), though obviously we can’t legally guarantee you’ll earn anything at all.

Our affiliate program is run through, meaning that’s who will be sending your commission checks or automatic bank deposits. So you’re guaranteed to get paid on time, every time.

To get started Click here to find out more! Its Free! What have you got to lose?