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Affiliate Option 1

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Your referrals each receive an amazing free (and extremely viral) list building site on the front end, and are then presented with our irresistable Siphon EXTREME Membership on the backend. We pay a generous 55% commission on the $40 first month’s fee, as well as on the $20 monthly/recurring fee.

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$2+ EPC Tip For Siphon EXTREME Members!

Right after joining as a Siphon EXTREME Member (Affiliate Option 2), you will see a field for entering a link/URL to whatever website or affiliate offer you want people to “land on” right after they subscribe to your list through your Siphon website.  Here’s what the field looks like:

…Leave this field BLANK for *high* EPC’s and conversions!

…I’m strongly encouraging ALL members to leave the Landing Page URL field BLANK, (at least for a while)…  Doing so, will mean that your subscribers will INSTANTLY see our Siphon EXTREME Membership offer after subscribing to your list through your Siphon list building website.  Normally they’d see your custom URL, and then see our upgrade option once they login to their member area, but this isn’t NEARLY as effective as sending them DIRECTLY to our irresistible Siphon EXTREME Upgrade option.  So again, leave the field BLANK – and expect to see MUCH higher EPC’s and conversions as a affiliate!


After you’ve decided which affiliate option is right for you, take full and immediateadvantage of our affiliate training and resources below, including some absolutekiller email swipes and banner ads ready and waiting to make you unlimited, easy sales!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The following training is also featured inside the Siphon Member’s Area, and therefore “assumes” that you’ve at least signed up to get your own FREE Siphon list building site.  But obviously, you can use the same traffic strategies and resources even if you’re not a Siphon member on any level (ie, Free or Extreme). So to avoid any confusion, simply keep this in mind as you read over this section to get started NOW…