Twitter has more than 9100 tweets per second summing upto over 1 billion tweets in just five days. Around 40% of twitter’s followers (of around 645.7 million of twitter’s active users) are just spectators meaning, they just see others tweeting without themselves tweeting anything.

Now that you know how huge twitter is, I don’t see any chance of ignoring this huge marketing ground.

If you are worried on how to increase your twitter followers, Im going to help you out!
Let me guess your story and probably mine too.

You just opened up a twitter account, most probably out of curiosity or when making social accounts for your website. In the first month, you got over 30-40 followers by inviting friends and adding contact list from your phonebook to your account.

You also happened to manage more 15 followers by aggressively promoting your twitter account across Facebook, Google plus and follow me I will follow back schemes (It’s no bad but pains, even I did it at some stupid point of my life).

But now what? How to get it over 100 or perhaps the next 1000 followers? This was the time when I thought seriously about twitter strategies and came up with a through plan of getting more twitter followers with easy and respectable ways.

I am going to show you a complete twitter marketing strategy to gain followers and increase your twitter reach. Let’s start from the basics because this is the part we often overlook.

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How to build a perfect twitter profile that people will follow:
For getting perfect number of followers you need a perfect professional twitter account that will attract followers to check in. Follow these tips to make your twitter account as attractive as those with millions of followers.

1) Twitter handle:
If you already have a twitter account then, reconsider a professional twitter handle. No one likes to follow a handle that is irrelevant.

Try using smaller handles (twitter won’t allow you to go beyond 15 letters).
Do not use religious or emotion provoking handles unless you specifically are into that business.
If your handle is not available use words with numbers. Like if @JhonDoe is not available you can go for @JhonDoe42 or be creative like @Jh0nDoe, yes that’s a “zero” in place of the first “O”.
2) Profile picture and cover photos:
Use an avatar that represents who you truly are. While this has been said many times earlier, we often forget that twitter, like other social platforms, is a place for human interactions. So better use a picture that has your headshot or the logo of your business in case you want to build a brand around that. Avoid using cats, dogs or even celebrity avatars as your professional twitter profile picture.
Twitter now uses a cover photo similar to Facebook’s layout. You have got so much estate to show your professional value. Use it to promote your products or the company theme you want to be known of.

Here is my Twitter account @mlmworlds

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.09.24 PM
3) A prefect twitter bio is a science:
Twitter provides you with twitter bio which shows up right below your avatar whenever anyone visits your profile. Be creative to use this 140 character space to attract more leads and twitter followers.

Write your passion, your strength and your achievements in it.
Be funny and show the creative side of you in the twitter bio.
Whenever people use the twitter search for searching someone the results usually show up using the data given in the profile bio. This shows your bio acts as a bundle of keywords.

TIP: Use hashtags before words that you want to appear for when people search for you. For example use #blogger.

TIP: Use links in twitter bio. You are allowed to use one standard link after your bio but you can use the links to your email newsletter.

If you are worried how to find the best loyal followers, then read on.

1) Follow the twitter big fishes:
If you want to get in the eyes of your potential audience then you have to first go and follow the influencers in your niche. It is from their twitter activities that you will find like-minded twitter users.

Try to give relevant replies for the tweets these influencers tweet. A just “nice post”, “Thank you” wouldn’t do enough to attract them.
Don’t be scared to reply a link of your post if you think it’s worthy. The influencers have many followers who see their tweets and also the replies to others.
It is from here that you will start getting noticed.

Start using  Tweepi to gain and flush followers 

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Using Tweepi to Manage Your Followers

Tweepi uses certain metrics to help you decide quickly who to follow and unfollow. Some of these metrics include the number of tweets, retweets, replies, links in tweets, followers, link & follow ratio, and Klout score. Despite the fact that tweepi gives you access to a range of Twitter management tools, the decision to use them rests squarely on your shoulders. So, you have to think carefully about how these tools will impact you Twitter marketing campaigns.

With Tweepi, you can build your own following and categorize users according to specific category or subject. This way you can easily target users effectively and increase the chances of building strong connections with your followers. Tweepi also pulls out Klout scores and lists the details next to the accounts you are viewing so that you can make better and informed decision about the variable you want to analyze.

Tweepi Tool for Managing Your Twitter Account

Tweepi has a robust and interesting set of tools that can help you manage your Twitter accounts effectively. The features are easy to use and the best part of it is that they are tightly integrated with Twitter. Let’s look at some of the key tools at your disposal and how best you can use them.

Flush -is a tool that lists all Twitter users who don’t follow yet you follow them. You can use this tool to unfollow people who don’t make meaningful contribution or engage you actively.

Reciprocate – this nifty tool helps you find Twitter users who follow you, but you don’t follow them. If you missed some people you’d wanted to follow then you can count on this tool to help you to build valuable relationships with interesting and influential people on Twitter.

Follow followers – as the name suggests, this tool allows you to find and connect with specific Twitter users who share your interests. To connect with them, you need to enter their respective Twitter handles and then you’ll get a list of users who bear the name.

Cleanup – this Tweepi tool lists all the people that you are following on Twitter. You can use this tool to unfollow people who post boring updates or anyone who is dormant in your conversations. While it’s a handy tool for removing dormant users, you should not use it indiscriminately as you may lock out people who may wish to engage you.

Follow friends – is pretty much like the “follow followers” tool that we have mentioned above. You can use this tool to find out the friends of specific Twitter users and what exactly they are following, or interesting personalities they are following. Also, you can use this tool to dig up useful tweeps and resources you’d wish to follow.

Follow list – this tool helps you explore Twitter lists of followers, create Twitter lists, and find relevant updates on specific subjects or topics. You can easily use this tool to peruse the list of Twitter users and find interesting people to follow. You only need to enter the Twitter handle of a particular account and then you’ll get all lists associated with that account.

Tweepi is a handy tool for managing your Twitter followers and lists. You can view your followers, non-followers, the last tweets from followers, and even analyze the statistics about the activity of your followers. The best thing about Tweepi is that it addresses the needs of social media marketers beyond rudimentary functions like following or unfollowing people.

Overall, Tweepi has the potential to your Twitter campaigns in the right direction and increase your chances of building strong connections with followers and influencers in Twitter.

Tip: I personally recommend following 200-250 people per day. The  wait 1 week then flush the unfollowers with Tweepi. Keep in mind, you cannot follow more then 2000 followers over and above the amount of followers you have!.

One Last step to perfecting your Twitter account! 

You should be all set up by this point with a great Bio and photo and background. People are much more willing to follow you by this point. There is one last tool I recommend so that you can DM (Direct Message) your followers completely automated. The app is called Crowdfire 

Crowdfire can be downloaded on Mac or PC Android or iPhone.  Crowdfire has the ability to allow you to follow new followers and flush the unfollowers in a nutshell in a very simple yet effective manor. However my absolute favourite part of the app is the ability to DM (Direct Message) your followers completely automated. And setting it up is as simple as pie.

After you have signed up go to the Left side of your screen (desktop version)

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.33.28 PM

Next go to the bottom where it says “Automate”

You can actually “spin” multiple Direct messages to your followers. That way if you have multiple free gifts to give away or simply want to thank your followers it can be done super easy!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.35.52 PM

But before you start slamming out offers to your followers you may want to take a quick peek at the DM best practises blog I wrote just a few weeks back. You can find it here

So there you have it!! You should be rocking in the twitter world. Make a habit of following and flushing your followers and your account will skyrocket!!!

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