When your marketing your product or service on Facebook you first need to understand the psychology behind how your posts greatly determines in a matter of seconds, how you made the reader feel. Sharing is an important part of brand interaction. Creating the right types of content means the same type of content may be seen by thousands of eyes. This can and will be 90% of the success of your online business or opportunity. Doing this wrong will automatically determine 90-98% of the failure rate of your success on Facebook. So lets jump to it….

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1. Photos: People share more photos then anything else. Make sure that your photos are relevant , thought-provoking, discussion worthy, and most of all interesting. Readers want to feel they have found something “special”. DO NOT post pictures of your rent money…. then claim your rolling in the cash, no one cares! It’s always obvious when you post your money photos on Thursdays or Fridays (after payday). Seriously….just stop! I suppose if your target audience was 15 years old, this might look pretty cool. Stop and realize who your marketing to, and how the reader will view you after posts like this. Rather then posting money pictures, try explaining how your extra income has helped you and your family financially.

2. Relatable Content: Have you ever read an article and think “oh my gosh, this happens to me all the time!”? People respond well to content that they can relate to. Create content based on experiences everyone will want to share. Keep in mind, your content quickly determines how people will view you in seconds.

Yes, almost everyone loves animals! However, DO NOT ever post pictures of abused animals. Yes, it will get the readers attention, but now the reader will probably head to the other room and hug their dog out of sympathy, rather then look at your opportunity or service.

3. Viral Videos: Admit it; you love to share a funny video. This is how video’s go viral. Viral is the entire point of creating great content. However, keep in mind that the post needs to be related to your product or service you offer. If you owned a window blinds business you could post a video of dog with it’s head poking through a “now damaged” mini blind. It’s funny yet relatable! See what I mean?

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Do not post a video of a thug fight that went viral on Facebook. It may be popular on Facebook, but the reader will automatically assume your immature; once again it will turn the readers attention away from your opportunity or service you provide. People are going to wonder what any of this has to do with your brand!

4. Facebook Drama: When you post too many controversial topics or allow a lot of negativity on your brand page, eventually the only people who come to your page are those that thrive on on drama and negativity. A positive attitude with positive content, will inspire positive results!

5. Using Hashtags In Your Post: #Dont #make #posts #like #this. ….. Hashtags make topics searchable without having to use a search bar or search engine. When you use a hashtag in your Facebook post, it’s visible for all who search for that topic used in your hashtag. For example if your into posting a healthy recipe using the grain quinoa, you can use the hastags #quinoa #recipe, or even #healthy. Now everyone who’s searching for that same hashtag will see your post.
Facebook Hastags

*Use Hashtags Sparingly. Too many hashtags hurt the eyes, try 1 or 2 — any more then 3 is too many and makes your update look cluttered, confusing, and just plain desperate!

*Hashtags should make sense.  Do not use a hashtag because it’s popular or trending; use one that works with the content. The last thing your brand wants to be accused of is “hashtag jacking”, or spamming with irrelevant content.

So Remember…. if your recognized for putting out shareable content, not only will more people follow and use your brand, your brand will be seen as a respected authority in your field.  Do not sit around wait for your content to be shared, do some sharing of your own! Take time every day and visit other Facebook accounts and find content relevant to your community to share. This goodwill toward other brands puts you on their radar, and chances are they will reciprocate.

Facebook Share

My advice to help future success… If you want to be successful in online marketing get off of Facebook for one week.

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