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Power Lead System Review Scam or Real?

Power Lead System

You heard about the new Power Lead System

But can you really make money promoting it?

In this “Power Lead System Review” let’s take a hard, honest look at the program – both the pros and cons – so you can make the right decision for you and your family.

iphone 5 052Hi, my name is Glenn Murphy.

In the past two years our income has increased dramatically.


Because two years ago… 100% commission programs became hot.

Today this new breed of affiliate programs are STILL HOT… and the new Power Lead System promises to become of the best because they offer a unique twist.

Now, before we go too much further…

Watch these Power Lead System videos to get a better idea about the program, how it pays and feel for a few of the features and benefits. Then let’s chat more about it.

Power Lead System Review

Did you watch the entire playlist?

If not, why not?

The reason I ask is because MOST people join programs because of the hype and promise of making easy money fast.

Yet the unfortunately reality is MOST people never make a dime.

Because MOST people really have no clue what they are getting into and they really want to believe “this time” or “this product” or “this new shiny deal” will somehow magically sell or promote itself when, in reality…

…well, you and I both know better. Right?

A product, service or business opportunity WILL NOT sell itself.

So do yourself a favor and DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

Watch the videos. All of the videos.

Take a close, hard, open-minded minded look at the entire Power Lead System product first – then come back and let’s dissect the money-making reality a bit more.

Power Lead System signup-orange

Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Here’s the bottom line – if you do not promote the Power Lead System you will not make any money.

None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

If you do promote the program by taking consistent action over an extended period of time – you may go on to make quiet fortune in the next few months (and we’ll talk more about the HOW to promote the system here in a minute).

Because the “twist” that makes this program so unique is you earn a 50% matching bonus on all the monies earned by the people you pass up.

This is unheard of in the 100% commission industry!

And this is important because you may sign up a SUPER STAR who winds up being passed to your referrer.

In most programs this means YOU LOSE.

In this new Power Lead System program – YOU WIN! Because you will earn a 50% commission on everything they do.

So there is NO RISK of you signing up a heavy hitter and losing out. It’s a brilliant twist on an already proven model.

Now, for me and my family fortune – this ONE THING pretty much cinched the deal because I currently make about $30,000 per month promoting another 100% commission program and have passed up and lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. With PLS – this will never happen. It can’t. And worse case scenario, if you do pass up a superstar producer you will get paid HALF of everything they do forever.

Power Lead System Scam ?!

Search the internet far and wide for “power lead system scam” and I’m confident you will find dozens of different blog posts, forum posts and even Youtube videos that fall into one of two categories:

  • People who got in, did nothing and are disgruntled about it
  • People who simply use the word SCAM to catch attention

Promoting a “scam” headline is a pretty popular way to drive visitors to your product reviews because it works.

No one wants to get cheated out of their hard-earned money so if you promote a WARNING – it catches attention. Then, of course, you simply let people know it there is nothing to worry about.

But the majority of “scam” posts you find will come from people who simply BOUGHT THE DREAM without thinking it through as a business. How will you promote the program? How will you get traffic, leads and sales?

So let’s talk more about that now…

Power Lead System Marketing Plan

I actually signed up for the program after spotting a post on Facebook.

I clicked the link, watched the videos and immediately signed up on the spot.

So one of the fastest, easiest ways to get into profit is to simply SHARE the program with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • If you have an email list, send out a broadcast.
  • Visit a few forums about “making money” and write a few “reviews” and post them (this is free).
  • Post ads on free classified sites.
  • Post video reviews on Youtube
  • Write a few blog posts
  • Run a few paid ads

In the back office PLS, you will be given access to private training and tools designed to help you promote the program for profit.

The difference that makes all the difference is YOU.

Will YOU follow the step-by-step instructions, sign up, and take CONSISTENT effort over time?

If you do, you will make money. If you don’t, you won’t.

Simple as that.

Plus, keep in mind you only need to sign up ONE person like me and… that’s it! If you did nothing else, ever… you will still make money!

Once you get into the back office, you will find PSL is really a complete marketing system in a box and the WHAT you decide to promote is entirely up to you.

Power Lead System comes with a handful of ready-to-go splash pages and videos that promote PLS so all you need to do is sign up and drive traffic.

Buy you can also build your own splash pages with the system and promote anything else you might be involved it.

Bottom line – the program gets TWO THUMBS UP from me.

Power Lead SystemBless and be blessed,

Glenn Murphy

Voted Best Lead Generation/ List Builder 2015

Introducing an Internet marketing GAME CHANGER…
Get Paid Up To $1.48+ Per Click While Building Your List!

…Our very first beta tester sent out to his small list and got a $2.02 EPC!

…No hype.  Just rock solid growing EPC’s on a monthly  service!
(EPC’s on 1st month payment shown above – they’ll only get higher!)

Your Clickbank Referral Link…
Here is your Clickbank affiliate link (replace ‘xxxx’ with your Clickbank affiliate nickname/ID)…

Dear (soon to be) super affiliate,

Welcome to our powerfully unique affiliate opportunity…

You can either promote us just as you would any other product in the Clickbank network, always FREE.

OR, by actually joining our program, you can make easy money in THREE WAYS- and build your own private email list in the process – by promoting us using the special referral link that we provide inside your member area.

Simply choose your option, and then start promoting immediately with our ready made affiliate resources down below!…

Affiliate Option 1

Promote us just as you would any other Clickbank product by grabbing your Clickbank affiliate link above.

Your referrals each receive an amazing free (and extremely viral) list building site on the front end, and are then presented with our irresistable Siphon EXTREME Membership on the backend. We pay a generous 55% commission on the $40 first month’s fee, as well as on the $20 monthly/recurring fee.

There is HIGH incentive for your referrals to stay with us long term, because we offer them a FREE lifetime membership on our services after their 12th month…  So you can expect a large percentage of your referrals to pay the full $260 over 12 months – which means you make up to $143 per sale!

Affiliate Option 2

Option 2 offers FAR more than just $143 per sale…

If you’re a serious affiliate who realizes the POWER of building a huge list while banking big on a red hot Clickbank product, this is definitely the option for YOU…

Simply join to get your free list building site, and then be sure to upgrade to our Siphon EXTREME Membership…

In less than 2 minutes, you’ll be set up and ready to start building a list -AND- making money on autopilot via your own viral Siphon list building website which looks like ours, but has your email opt-in form automatically embedded on our home page…

But that’s not all. The backend is ALSO fully customized for you:  You can have people land on any offer that you want, after they subscribe to your list through your Siphon website.  And when they upgrade to Siphon EXTREME, you’ll of course still get your 55% commission!

So you’re literally making money in THREE ways with Option 2 (instead of just one):

– Make money from the list you’re building through your Siphon website

– Make money from your landing page offer (such as your own product, or an affiliate offer)

– Make money from each of your referrals who upgrade to Siphon EXTREME (55% commissions!)

But wait!  With EACH of the above benefits, you”ll automatically get up to a 500% increase in subscribers, sales, and commissions – thanks to our revolutionary built-in “Send 5 Viral Platform”!

…The way our viral system works is explained in our videos, so be sure to watch how this AMAZING system can explode both your list, and your profits on autopilot.

After joining, you’ll instantly receive your Siphon referral/website link, which you’ll want to use instead of the standard Clickbank link.

Just imagine getting up to 500 more subscribers for every 100 you send. And up to 500 more *clicks* for every 100 you send. And up to 500% more sales and commissions on complete autopilot!  This is ALL enabled effortlessly, with ZERO extra work on your part, thanks to the Siphon system.

Needless to say, this opportunity is a major game changer in the Internet marketing community, and could be a LIFE changer for YOU.  So don’t hesitate to take action now.

$2+ EPC Tip For Siphon EXTREME Members!

Right after joining as a Siphon EXTREME Member (Affiliate Option 2), you will see a field for entering a link/URL to whatever website or affiliate offer you want people to “land on” right after they subscribe to your list through your Siphon website.  Here’s what the field looks like:

…Leave this field BLANK for *high* EPC’s and conversions!

…I’m strongly encouraging ALL members to leave the Landing Page URL field BLANK, (at least for a while)…  Doing so, will mean that your subscribers will INSTANTLY see our Siphon EXTREME Membership offer after subscribing to your list through your Siphon list building website.  Normally they’d see your custom URL, and then see our upgrade option once they login to their member area, but this isn’t NEARLY as effective as sending them DIRECTLY to our irresistible Siphon EXTREME Upgrade option.  So again, leave the field BLANK – and expect to see MUCH higher EPC’s and conversions as a affiliate!


After you’ve decided which affiliate option is right for you, take full and immediateadvantage of our affiliate training and resources below, including some absolutekiller email swipes and banner ads ready and waiting to make you unlimited, easy sales!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The following training is also featured inside the Siphon Member’s Area, and therefore “assumes” that you’ve at least signed up to get your own FREE Siphon list building site.  But obviously, you can use the same traffic strategies and resources even if you’re not a Siphon member on any level (ie, Free or Extreme). So to avoid any confusion, simply keep this in mind as you read over this section to get started NOW…



Top 5 Free Tools Every Online Marketer Should Own

Lets face it. The marketing tools that worked miracles for you 2 years ago probably won’t stand up to todays marketing demands. I have complied a list of 5 very very effective marketing tools that I personally could not live without. All of which will be free to download and use.

Lets Get Started….

1 Pagemodo

Hands down this is by far my favourite marketing tool for Facebook and Twitter. You can create custom Facebook and Twitter cover photos. Take a peek at my Facebook page to see my new custom cover photo, Also you can create Facebook tabs with a landing page or welcome page. You can create stunning graphics to be shared with your content across Facebook or Twitter. You can hold Facebook contest, create custom tabs, post designer, scheduled posts, Facebook ads and mobile app! The is a must have application,  *Note there are both desktop and mobile version! Desktop version has far more features! Grab it HERE



I realize almost everyone knows about Buffer. But you will want to use buffer with the next tool I’m about to suggest next in line. Buffer is a tool that can hopefully help out in a few ways. First, you can write a bunch of posts at one time, choose which social profiles to send them to, and then Buffer will spread them out throughout the day or week so that you don’t have to be at a computer all the time in order to have a social media presence. Second buffer will shorten your links for you, so you are able to provide more analytics than if you just were to post to Twitter or Facebook directly. Don’t have any content to share? Buffer has thousands of articles of relevant  content to share to your followers. Grab Buffer Here



Sniply allows you to share all of your favourite content (from Buffer or where every you choose) and then share it with a call to action at the bottom of each piece of content you share (even if it’s not your content). You can share a link to your opportunity, or lead people back to your landing page or your blog. Or even drive traffic back to your Facebook or favourite social media accounts. Grab Sniply Here


 4. Tweepi

 The most common way to find and add people with the same interests as you, is to find a popular tweep within your area of interest, say "mashable" or "techcrunch" for technology news, and add people who follow these known users.

Quickly follow relevant filtered users related to your niche. You can follow @users followers… or follower @users friends that they follow. You can effortlesly unfollow inactive accounts or egg accounts. Following people is one thing, following relevant followers in another!

Grab Tweepi Here


5. 5FigureDay

5 Figure Day is a very unique Free list building software that gets very easy sign ups by simply giving the system away. However when “your friends” give the system away, you get those opt ins as well. Pretty cool eh? You will get very fast viral leads. Use the system for life for free, or upgrade for 1.00 for the first month and cash in while you generate your free viral leads. You can see how it works before opting in. Grab 5FigureDay Here

5 Figur Day

Keep up to date with all the latest marketing tools, tips and tricks here at

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